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Why chose Twin City Denture Lab to get your denture?
Affordable Prices
​We offer 3 different types of complete full dentures

1. $699 Permanent Classic Denture. This is not a low quality economical denture. The Classic Denture is a good quality denture that at lab direct prices cost less than most economical dentures. 

2. $1100 Permanent Portrait Denture. This Denture is made with Densply's best quality Portrait Teeth that imitate natural dentition. It is a beautiful esthetic denture.

3. Natural Denture. Approved by Dental Insurance, the Natural Denture is a high quality durable and natural looking denture. Dental insurance usually pay 50% of denture prices. We accept all dental insurances and our dentists are enrolled with Delta Dental, Ameritas, Met Life & others. Prices vary depending on specific insurance fee schedule.

Dependable Quality
Twin City Denture Lab has been fabricating and selling dentures at discounted prices direct to the public in Maine for over 23 years. 

You will be treated by a Dentist, not a Denturist. This is important because only a Dentist can extract teeth, only a Dentist can modify teeth to properly secure a Partial Denture, only a Dentist can treat soft gum tissue which is sometimes needed to get a good denture fit, only a Dentist can insert denture implants, and only a Dentist can properly diagnose cavities, soft tissue inflammation and other oral conditions.  

Free Denture Consult
Denture consults are always free. If you still have teeth, we may have to take an x-ray and one of our dentists will have to do an exam to verify the condition of your teeth so that we can provide you with a price estimate to extract or repair your teeth (if applicable).
Twin City Denture Lab
​No additional fees. If you have no teeth and simply want a good denture at a fair price, you can buy it direct from our lab.
TOTAL COST for a Classic Full Denture: $699.00
Aspen Dental is advertising their Basic ​Denture Starting at $399 (Nov 2015)
​Terms and Condition reveal that other cost may include exam and x-ray for a maximum of $263 and diagnostic cast for a maximum of $117.
TOTAL COST for a Basic Denture: $779.00

Shop and compare, our everyday prices 
are often less than other places 
promotional deals.

​Vitallium Metal Frame Partial Denture
Flexible Partial Denture
Natural Denture
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No Middle Man. Save by getting your dentures directly from our Bangor Denture Lab.
Our dentists perform single, multiple or full-mouth dental extractions & we also offer IV sedation.
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Louise King DMD, MSc
Roli Malla Joshi DMD
Paul Farkas DMD