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Emergency "Walk-In" Dental Care

Our emergency dental care department deals specifically with patient’s that have dental pain such as tooth aches and patient’s that have received an accidental fractured or broken/chipped tooth. 
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Walk In Care is available on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thur from 7am to noon

If I have a tooth ache what Emergency Treatment options do I have?
If you have a tooth ache, chances are you may also have a dental abscess.

1.- Depending on the state of your tooth, you may need to have it pulled. Most extractions are done during your “Walk-In" visit. However, if your extraction requires special consideration such as an impacted wisdom tooth that needs to be surgically removed under general anesthesia, we will supply you with the proper referral to an oral surgeon.

2.- Many dental pains are the result of a tooth infection. We can often save a tooth by performing a “root canal" endodontic treatment. After evaluating your x-ray, our dentist may do the procedure immediately or he may need to schedule you for another appointment.

If I have a broken or chipped tooth what Emergency Treatment options do I have?
A chipped tooth can often be repaired with a simple filling restoration; a fractured tooth may need a crown. If you do need a crown, we have an in office CAD-CAM crown milling unit. You can get your crown same day!

All emergency patients are seen on available first come first serve basis and will be required to pay for services rendered at time of treatment. If you have Maine Care, you must present a valid Maine Care number upon check in. Our Maine Care patient treatments are limited to exams, x-rays and extractions.
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