Patient Review:
-Makinzie’s upper dental arch lacked space. 
-Noticeable in the first picture, the upper central teeth are situated in front of her lateral teeth.
-The second and third picture also shows that the upper central teeth are protruding far beyond her lower teeth. 

Dr. King used a modified “Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance” (MARA) that was needed to bring the lower dental arch forward. The MARA was fitted with a lateral expansion devise that corrected the upper arch crowding by growing the dental arch. As a result, the MARA accomplished three critical components of treatment:

1.It corrected the upper central teeth protrusion.
2.It created space to correct the upper arch crowding
3.Makinzie’s lower jaw was repositioned forward and slightly downward to improve health and jaw joints positions 

No extractions were done!

MARA appliance 
Before treatment photos 
After treatment photos 
Before treatment photo
After treatment photo