Patient Review:
-Loreli has dental crowding
-1st picture shows an overbite, the upper teeth bite too far down
-2nd picture shows a severe overjet, the upper teeth are projecting over one inch beyond her lower front teeth. 
-The "face" side view photo shows excess skin under her chin and a lower “curled” lip in the "side view" photo; this is an indication that it is not the upper arch that is too far forward but it is the lower jaw that is too far back.  

Loreli didn’t only need her teeth repositioned; she also needed orthopedic correction to reposition her jaw bones. 
The first phase of treatment was an expander appliance with labial bow. 

No extractions were done. 
Instead, Dr. King created maxillary arch space with this appliance.

Loreli wore this appliance for about 6 months.

The second part of treatment was done with a “Twin Block”.
This is the type of appliance that took Loreli’s lower jaw to a forward position.

The wear time of a "Twin Block" is about six months

It is common to treat this type of occlusion with two upper maxillary dental extractions followed by dental braces. 
The extractions would have provided the needed space to correct the dental crowding and, at the same time, would have allowed the pulled back of the upper flared out teeth toward the lower mandibular front teeth. 

Loreli didn’t need any extractions and her upper dental arch was not pulled back but rather her facial profile was grown forward. She is finishing treatment with a good dental occlusion and a lovely healthy face.