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Tooth Extraction
Crown Lengthening
You may need to have a tooth extracted because of tooth decay, injury, or other reasons. Our dentists perform single, multiple, and full mouth dental extractions. 
Extractions, including tissue born impacted wisdom teeth can be extracted with IV Sedation. 
Sometimes before placing a crown on a tooth that had been weakened by decay, was broken, cracked, or severely worn down; the tooth may need a crown lengthening treatment to ensure that enough of the tooth's structure is available to securely hold the crown. This procedure is done using dental lasers at Twin City Dental.
Frena are tissue located inside the upper lip, inside the lower lip, connecting the cheeks to the gums and located under the tongue. Sometimes the frenum's connections have to be cut or loosen to extend the range of motion. A more common frenectomy procedure that we perform is to allow better movement of the tongue to correct speech impairments. If you or your child needs a frenectomy procedure, consider having it done by a laser certified dentist. Unlike using a scalpel that can leave the patient with pain and eating soup for a while, lasers remove soft tissue with minimal pain and bleeding, we've had kids have frenectomies and go celebrate at McDonalds afterward. 

Bacteria can inflame gum tissue surrounding the teeth. If left untreated, these bacteria can lead to serious health problems. We surgically remove these bacterial infections with dental lasers.
A gingivoplasty is a procedure perform to reshape gum tissue for various reasons. For example, sometimes denture patients have to much gum tissue under their denture that causes their denture to move excessively. Denture adhesive is useless because it is the underlying gum tissue that swishes around like Jello. We use dental lasers to remove this excessive gum tissue and give the denture a more solid foundation to rest on. 
Oral Surgery
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